The Use of Snitches or Confidential Informants in Drug Cases

Just got back from being out of town for awhile and catching up at the office on a rainy Sunday.The topic today is the use of snitches in drug cases in both Federal Court and State Court criminal cases. The U.S.Attorney General has published a guideline on how the FBI should use confidential informants. A copy of the report can be found here .Unfortunately, there is no guidelines for the use of informants on the state level.It begs the question of why there is no written policy on the use of snitches in Tennessee.

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kathleen - April 21, 2010 10:01 PM

i think that the use of a c.i. is wrong for many reasons.first most of it comes from a drug addict or or a person with a mental illness is caught with a small amount of drugs and to get out of a bind they do whatever they can to find someone to inform on.the next guy is caught, another drug addict and and on and on.the people that are doing this snitching are not getting the help they need and so a addict is still out there and may be worse than the one he turned in.our tax dollars are being blown by some cop that wants to make things look good on paper.i also believe that a cop is trained for this work not a drug addict.if he cant do his own job get another. then you have the problam of the snitch being exposed,the guy he snitched on is going to tell who the guy is.and that puts the snitch in danger.i also know in tn. they use juveniles to do this also.then there is the guy who wont snitch because he dont want a target on his head and they throw the book at him .meanwhile the snitches out there are still drug addicted if they dont get killed.i seethat no one wins here.except the cop with a notch on his belt making himself like like hes doing lots of busts on paper,but in the real world did not accomplish anything.oh every once in a while they might get a good lead but a what and whos expence or life.shame on them,go do some real police work and try and get these people some help,like rehab and mental health help instead of clogging up the system with addict against addict and the use of young teens to do their dirty work.

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